SCAR is an acronym standing for Sethe Containment And Response. It's a division funded by Ellis Industries in direct response to the May 15th occurrences world wide. Several groupings of squads equipped with tactical gear are specially trained to handle anything related to Arkn, Dekn or Sethe in specific. Most squads are comprised of human soldiers hired in by Ellis; however, the direct response task forces are comprised of squads of Lurkers under the guise of mysterious humans.

These Lurkers are specially equipped with sound gear on top of the normal task force gear so that others can understand the language they speak. Ellis Industries has kept these forces wrapped away tightly for the longest time, evidence suggests that plans of this task force were originally conceived as far back as 1975.

SCAR is privately owned by Marcus Winter, and objectively a fourth addition to the M.E.E.C/HOOH/GROVE trifectum.


SCAR is a new creation that originates in a blog of the same name. With the usage of the wishing well and it's many gates into .Reality


  • Marcus Winter: Director of SCAR
  • Mary Winter: Former Director of Scar; killed in the winter family massacre incident.
  • Elizabeth Mathews: One of the Lurker commanding officers. A true bitch. Cold-hearted and very temperamental. First to drop on sight in combat.
  • Ghost Rynhart