Seraphina is a member of the Valkyrium, brought in and raised within the group's domain. She is the daughter of Uriel, the sister of Ellpagg, and the granddaughter of Gilgamesh and The Carver. However, she does not consider herself to be a member of the royal family.


Background (Sarah Kestler Isn't Dead)

Seraphina was found as a newborn by a defected Dekn named Lilis, somewhere just outside the Infernous. Lilis originally planned to find a safe place to leave the child, where she would be cared for. After being attacked by two Arkn thugs and risking her life to protect Seraphina, however, she decided to care for and raise her as her own.

Lilis's fight with the two thugs was seen by a member of the Valkyrium and reported to Maalformius Darkrage, who, upon meeting her and hearing about how she had come to find Seraphina, invited her to become a member of the Valkyrium. From that point on, Seraphina was raised by various members of the Valkyrium, though Lilis remained her primary caretaker and guardian.

Seraphina began her training and education at a very young age, taking upon her the symbol of the Unie'ndis at eight years old in order to control and hone her magical skills. Despite Lilis telling her not to, Seraphina watched the Cloud9 stream of Ellpagg's torment in the Infernous. The Infernous intrigued her, though she felt disgusted by the entertainment factor of the entire ordeal.

As time passed by and her training advanced, Seraphina grew to loathe the traitor king Uriel and his son, the Knight Ellpagg. She placed all emotional concerns to the side and focused only on honing her skills as a Valk. She vowed to serve the Valkyrium and eliminate any traitor or enemy of the Arkn that she could. As a result of her dedication, she rose through the ranks, becoming a skilled assassin, fighter, and magic user.

Wayward_ Winter

Seraphina first appears in the Wayward_ Winter video "Of Fire and Ice", possessing an alternate version of Sarah Kestler. She appears to tell Alex that is not in the Infernous (or "Furnace", as he had been referring to it), but rather in the Nexellium. She proceeds to beat and interrogate him, demanding to know where Uriel is and what he has planned. Upon realizing that Alex does not know, she throws a journal (written by a different version of Alex) at him and tells him that he must get stronger before he and Uriel converge, adding that this will occur in the Nexellium. She then leaves, transporting Alex out of the Nexillium and back into his reality, as well as healing him.


Seraphina is mentioned in Hethian prophecy as the Seventh Arknza (described as "a daughter, sent to Hell" -- or, alternately, "born of Hell"). However, for reasons unknown, Seraphina was passed over as the Seventh Arknza; she did not participate in the Battle of the Arknza, and her role in the prophecy ended up being filled by her brother, Ellpagg.