The Sethe (Seth-Eee) are spawns from direct organic code of .reality. Based in and around Nexia, most sethe operate to fix errors and glitches within .reality at any means possible. Sethe are not alive and thus can not be killed, but can be shut down like machines or destroyed.

Aero Sethe

Aero Sethe appear as large, gray, metallic, hovering humanoid shaped beings with no visible means of upward propulsion. They posses large tendrils at the base of the body where legs should be. These Sethe are commonly referred to by those who see them as "Sky People." Aero Sethe act similarly to bees or other drone insects carrying out the orders of the hive with utmost efficiency and with no regard for what they destroy in the process as long as they accomplish the end goal given to them.

Aquarius Sethe

Aquarius Sethe appear as large tentacled masses, similar to a jellyfish. Form wise, they can shift around into more recognizable shapes, the most common being a mer-creature.

Terra Sethe

Terra Sethe appear as large, metallic worms. Showing up in various leaked HooH files, they can change into more deadly, hostile creatures, such as bears and wolves, or even giant creatures of unknown classification.

Shadow Sethe

Shadow Sethe appear as shadow-like beings and are only dispatched if all other Sethe fail to enact the _hunt. These are .Reality's endgame. They are the most powerful of the Sethe, and have only been documented under a single dispatch. This dispatch was known as the Corocrosis Event.

The Rogue / Skethe

Sethe within the system of .Reality are unable to die, so they are disconnected from the system instead, in which they emit a greenish glow afterwards, and become a Skethe. Once they are disconnected, they are free at will to roam and do whatever they please.