Storylines are plots featuring their own (or multiple) stories within a specific canon. They may be stand-alone, or they may tie into a larger plot.

Universe A Storylines

The Myth Arc

The Arknthology. (A storyline within the Arkn Mythos lore-building Splinter A, and dealing specifically with the seven ArknAngels.)

The Arkn Mythos

  • The War Chronicles. A set of stories detailing events in the endless war between the Arkn and the Dekn.
  • The Winter Saga. The umbrella of works revolving around the same elements as A Cry From Winter, created by Tony Dallape.
  • The Reality Branch. A storyline that deals with the events occurring throughout the branches of .Reality. The main focus of this canon is the changing timelines and reality errors. The time lapses and manipulations are categorized as Branches due to the structure of .Reality being that of a tree.
  • The Mayhem Compendium. A storyline which focuses on the religious aspects of the Arkn and Dekn , told through occultism, various forms of Christianity, or philosophy. In addition, this canon focuses heavily on themes of psychological torment and insanity, often leading its protagonists into a broken and beaten state.
  • The Timeless Narrative. The story of a series of multiple universes that have been abandoned by both the Arkn and the Dekn due to the growth of an unknown element inside the core of its existence. Most deleted and/or decanonized. 
  • The Hybrid Anthology. A closed-source canon dealing with stories of the Nephilim. One of the main purposes of this anthology is to reveal what the Nephilim are, who sealed them away, and where they are located right now.
  • The Mirrorverse Canon. A set of stories detailing the seven negative timelines -- broken timelines which may or may not exist.
  • The Root Quests. The Root Quests revolves around the struggles for the Reality Root, a relic of immense power.
  • The Silence Canon. A classification of stories dealing to an essence of existence that two willing beings can use to mentally connect to each other.
  • Voidthology. A storyline within the Arkn Mythos lore-building the world of Splinter B and the ramifications of Voidweb's escape.

The Arkn Mythos Extended Universe

  • Alterverse Stories. Non-canon continuations or spin-offs, including fan works. Does not canonically exist within the other two universes or within the Arkn Mythos canons.

Universe X Storylines