Surge as he appears in You Ever Wonder Why You're Here.
Vital statistics
Name Surge
Race Unknown
Alignment Unknown
Status Unknown
Appearances AcryfromWinter
Realm Unknown
Other information
Relationships Weapons
Unknown Unknown

Surge is The Absence of Fear. He is described by his creator as (when not inhabiting a body) resembling a modern depiction of a demon in media, a horned goat-like being with bat wings. Surge shows up in the series A Cry From Winter possessing James. He seems to be discussing plans to go after Malek with someone tied up in the trunk of his car when he states "when you get to hell, tell them that Surge sent you".

He also shows up in the timeline B video, "Even Higher Authorities" where he has been summoned to a meeting with unknown entity, possibly a negative, "Taciturn". During the entry Malek shows up and ruins the meeting in his usual manor, which causes two other beings, also possibly negatives, to intervene.

It is currently unknown as to his intentions aside from the reveal of needing to kill Malek.