Tartareous is a prison realm located within the Ythen. Each Ythen holds the entrance to the realm inside of them, and will consume offenders of the Seeds, damning them to this inescapable realm.


Tartareous serves as a prison for Arkn and Dekn who violate the rules of the Ythen in Ersis. These crimes can include:

  • Revealing the existence of the Arkn and Dekn to the human populace of a Seed.
  • Revealing the existence of the Lathrym to the human populace of a Seed.
  • Tampering with the timeline of a Seed in an extreme fashion (i.e. anything above a Class 2 alteration – most notably, anything that can cause the Seed to become an Outlier).
  • Abusing, mistreating, or killing human beings (i.e. anything above a Class 2 offense).

Arkn and Dekn who are accused of these actions are arrested by SEEKER and brought before the Ythen. the Ythen reads the mind of the prisoner; if they are found to be guilty, they will be consumed by one of the Ythen. When this occurs, they enter Tartareous.


The Tartareous realm itself is a blank, living plane. It connects into the mind of the prisoner, creating a personalized hellscape which the prisoner is doomed to wander as their body rots away beneath them (while they remain conscious). The only consistency with each connection is the sub-realm's guide: a shape-shifting entity living within the Ythen, known as Zem'phes.

There is no parole for being sentenced to Tartareous. The only entity known to have successfully escaped the realm is a Risen by the name of Malachi Luca Fairfax. (However, it is unknown how he did so.)