Hash'bor'kanibal, better known as The Carver, is a powerful Dekn Lord and Emperor. He was the first Dekn brought into existence. He commonly appears to beings in the form of his vessel, Lucifer "Luke" Anton.



The Early Years

The Dekn were the first beings created by The Hethe, and Hash'bor'kanibal was the first of them. The prime Hethe, De'ebo, crafted Hash'bor'kanibal specifically to be his vessel and "active player" among mortal beings, granting him a portion of his powers. Upon his creation, Hash'bor learned morality and the difference between right and wrong; recognizing that the Hethe were evil, and that the universe could not truly thrive and evolve while they controlled and manipulated it, he decided to subvert their control. In order to keep the Hethe entertained and distracted, he ensured that the War between the Arkn and the Dekn continued, prolonging the conflict by siding with whichever race happened to be losing (thus keeping the conflict in a constant state of "balance").

Hash'bor'kanibal initially lived with the Dekn in the First Tree. When the Arkn made their first attack on the Tree, Hash'bor'kanibal joined them in secret; the Arkn were victorious, and seized the Tree. Hash'bor'kanibal revealed to his fellow Dekn he had gotten behind behind enemy lines in the midst of the battle, and was revered amongst the Dekn for doing so. Using Hash'bor's knowledge, the Dekn fought back against the Arkn and reclaimed the Tree. The Arkn were unhappy, and took up weapons to reclaim it; this time, however, they destroyed the Tree almost completely by setting fire to it, leaving the Dekn homeless. Hash'bor may have once again aided the Arkn during this attack, helping to tip the scale in their favor.  


Hash'bor'kanibal eventually rose up as Emperor among the Dekn. He continued using his shapeshifting powers over time to spy on the Arkn, while posing as a beautiful Arkn Lord. In this disguise, he became a favorite warrior (and lover) of the Arkn Lord (and King) Gilgamesh Xeth'i'stral. Gilgamesh apparently became aware of Hash'bor's true nature in time; however, he continued the affair, as he recognized the power and control it could grant him. During this time, Hash'bor also had affairs with a number of other renowned Arkn while in a disguised form -- often revealing his true nature after the fact (and after offspring had been produced). At some point, he entered into an affair with the renowned Arkn warrior Abaddon, the Third Arkn brought into existence by the Hethe. The two produced a son, Raphael, who was both the first son of Abaddon and the first Arkn to result from procreation.  

Hash'bor'kanibal also began seducing the Arkn Priestess of Heart and Salvation, Kry'atha. The two produced an offspring: Eris Storn, was the first Arkn/Dekn hybrid. Hash'bor hid this child from Kry'atha, claiming that their efforts at procreation had failed. Distressed about the loss, Kry'atha left her sisters and submitted to Hash'bor, trying two more times; these attempts lead to the creation of Xerex Storn and Barith Storn. Soon after Barith was formed, Kry'atha discovered Hash'bor's true identity. Despite learning of his deception, however, Kry'atha still loved him; this love (though possibly born through manipulation) led her to forgive Hash'bor'kanibal and denounce her ways as an Arkn. This pseudo-defection turned the former Arkn Priestess Kry'atha into Kry'toha: the Dekn Queen of Love and Hatred.  

The Infernous

Eventually, Gilgamesh became the first Arkn to attach to Humanity as a guardian; in time, he became a God in the eyes of humanity. This (allegedly) angered Hash'bor'kanibal, who wanted the attention. He went down to humanity's realm to reason with Gilgamesh, but a fight ensued, and ended up destroying a large portion of humanity. This destruction enraged Hash'bor, who preceded to behead Gilgamesh and carve his skull into a pair of knuckle dusters; one of these was attached to Gilgamesh's sickle-shaped weapon, Imulsyr, which Hash'bor claimed for himself (naming it the "Killer of Kings").

After revealing himself to be a Dekn (and leaving the Arkn), Hash'bor'kanibal, now known as The Carver, brought the bones of Gilgamesh to a place of pure darkness and began to construct The Infernous. Once it was completed, The Carver allowed Gilgamesh to transfer part of his living legacy into a child before he sealed him away in darkness and torment. Here, Gilgamesh's fear and agony began to form itself into a source of pure power, which The Carver used to fuel the molding of the Infernous by (allegedly) trapping Gilgamesh in this state of agony. This became known to the Dekn as The Heart of the Infernous. The incident cemented The Carver as the greatest enemy of the Arkn.

More Affairs and Betrayals

The Carver may have been involved with The Watchers fornicating with humans, due to the fact he has a Nephilim child. However, it is unknown how his child came to be, and this is debatable as of now. What is known is that The Carver is the one who informed The Arkn Cabinet of The Watchers' actions, in which both sides begin slaughtering The Nephilim and The Watchers as a result. Only several children are sealed away in secret by Raziel, and only several Watchers survived, one of which was Asmodeus (the son of Abaddon and brother to Raphael) who, upon banishment, became one of The Carver's right-hands.

At an unknown time during the reign of the Arkn King Uriel, the son of Gilgamesh, The Carver (once again in disguise) produced a child with the First Arkn in existence, Gynesis. This child, named Azrael, and was one of the original ArknAngels. He went on to become a powerful Arkn Knight, having power on par with the Arkn Lords. Several days after the creation of Azrael, Hash'bor and Abaddon came together once again (with Hash'bor bearing yet another disguise) and produced another child. This child, a son whom Abaddon named Raguel, was to take his place among the ArknAngels should its siblings fail to fulfill their destiny.

Unknown to Kry'toha at the time of her rule's beginning, two more children would be spawned by her through the Dekn Emperor. The first child was the only pure-bred child of the Dekn; this child was the Prince of The Infernous, holding rights to Emperor-ship should its father ever fall. After the pure-Dekn child was born, Kry'toha left the Carver's side and went off in secret, only to be seduced once again by him. This time, however, The Carver was pretending to be a lowly Dekn counterpart. The two produced their final child; this newly spawned-from-the-cluxious daughter was named Jezzebellus, and soon after was dubbed Princess of the Infernous. Kry'atha did not agree with her child's new rule, and confronted the Carver, only to learn that he had gotten Asmodeus to spread lies to Jezzebellus about her. In the end, Kry'atha was thrown into a deep pit of The Infernous by The Carver, on the request of his manipulated daughter.

The Knight Shift

Eons after The Carver revealed his true form and betrayed The Arkn, The Arkn Cabinet gathers together and proposes an idea to kill The Carver within his own realm. Their first initial choice is their King Uriel, the son of Gilgamesh. To their surprise, Uriel declines, claiming he wouldn't kill a fellow Arkn, no matter how corrupt. The Arkn Cabinet moves on to their next choice: Uriel's son, the Arkn Knight of Time, Madness, and strangely, Beetles, Ellpagg.

Ellpagg willingly enters The Infernous, under the ruse of attempting to convince The Carver to rejoin the Arkn. His memories as an Arkn are stripped from him, and he is left vulnerable to the torments that The Infernous and The Carver has waiting for him. Ellapgg is given a camera, which gives a direct feed into Cloud9 for the majority of Ellpagg's eternities as the "audience" of The Knight Shift assumes the roles of the Arkn and Dekn viewing his torments. Soon enough (eight eternities after his torment begins), the Carver reveals himself and begins his personal torments of Ellpagg, until an entity known as Malek seemingly rescues Ellpagg.

The Logs of Cedric Kharon

Malek delivers Ellpagg to the party of Cedric Kharon (the son of the Hethe), who is on a journey. However, after several days of travelling, Malek turns his gun at "Ellpagg", who reveals himself to be The Carver in disguise. The Carver transforms into his natural skeletal form and attacks the party, costing them the life of Cedric's insect companion, Scabs. Carver had also previously attacked Cedric in The Beyond, removing Cedric's arm and temporarily swapping it with Ellpagg's arm (which Redgrave had cut off at one point during Ellpagg's torment).

Michael's Camera

Shortly after this, The Hooks Killer summons The Carver into the body of a human man named Luke Anton, whom he merges with. This, in turn, allows The Carver a chance to find the escaped Ellpagg (who was indeed rescued by Malek) at his strongest, by locating Michael Knight (who is Ellpagg's guarded human at the time). Thereafter, The Carver uses Luke's body as his natural appearance during his interactions with many characters.

The Carver orders Michael Knight to give him the location of Ellpagg. He draws out Ellpagg, and the two of have a short face off before deciding to have a chat over tea. The Carver informs Ellpagg that The Hethe require his assistance. However, this is revealed to be a trick, and Ellpagg is captured and returned to the Infernous. Later, before the events of May 15th Catastrophe, Michael tears into .Reality and meets up with The Carver. The Carver informs Michael that The Hethe are coming for him. Much to The Carver's surprise, Michael is revealed to be possessed by a "Fallen Hethe" named Edgar Kharon, who shoots The Carver in the head.

Within The Infernous (The Knight Shift: Act II)

The Carver, upon being shot in the head, returns to the Infernous, now a prisoner of the cage he once built. He finds himself in the company of Ellpagg, and the two talk and plan on finding a way to escape the Infernous together. However, The Carver winds up having to face his own personal hell, which culminates in a corrupted version of Ellpagg coming to full power and overpowering him. Upon returning from this hell, The Carver begins attacking Ellpagg (mistaking him for the vision that attacked him earlier), and the two have a brawl, during which they mention the other ArknAngels (and how The Carver is one of them, through being bound to the body of Luke). The Carver is eventually overpowered by Ellpagg, who briefly departs to contemplate his situation. Upon returning, Ellpagg finds The Carver apparently dying from the wounds he sustained in their fight, due to being bound to a human vessel. Ellpagg departs and seeks the help of The Hethe. The Carver's fate is left unknown afterwards; however, it is known that his power passed into Ellpagg, transforming him into a being that is neither Arkn nor Dekn. Enraged, Ellpagg rejects both races and escapes from the Infernous.

Escape from The Infernous (Michael's Camera)

Not dead and still within The Infernous, The Carver meets up with Michael Knight again, after Michael is gutted by The Hooks Killer. The two strike up a deal to escape The Infernous: Carver leaves with Michael and the two assassinate Cecil Xeneth, as long as that The Carver becomes Michael's guardian. Betraying Michael, The Carver then departs on his own and leaves Michael in the Infernous.

Eventually, Michael is broken out of The Infernous by "Edgar" (now revealed to be the ArkAngel Azrael Michaelis Winter). After escaping, Michael is taken over by The Carver, who sends a message to the ArknAngels to warn them of the oncoming war. In the midst of this, Carver informs Michael that he is, in fact, not an ArknAngel. Upon learning this, Michael is distraught. Ellpagg, meanwhile, discovers that The Carver had manipulated others into thinking Michael was an ArknAngel. In reality, Michael has been The Carver's Nephilim son the entire time, bred to be his vessel; The Carver has managed to finally use him as such, due to Michael's agreement on the deal. Ellpagg allows himself to be possessed by a shard of Malek, and goes forth to battle The Carver. However, the Carver manages to escape when he arrives.

The Threat

Go and tell them that I'm coming.. Go and tell them that I'm here, and show them the evidence.. You're not ready for me. No one is.
— The Carver to Azrael Michaelis Winter.

Upon Michaelis entering The Infernous (due to his death at the hands of Samael Crow), his time there is interrupted by The Carver himself. The Carver proceeds to play Russian roulette with Michaelis. After all the shots are revealed to be empty, Carver uses Imulsyr to gouge Michaelis' eye out, and proceeds to tell him that he intends on going after every being in existence and destroying them all. Michaelis informs him that he and the other ArkAngels will stop him, only for Carver to respond with progressive torment, severely wounding his arm and other body parts. The Carver then casts Michaelis out of the Infernous for him to inform the other ArkAngels, after warning him that no one is truly ready for him.

While Michaelis is left in The Infernous after rescuing Tobias Kestler, he encounters The Carver while examining the first tree. He attempts to fight him, but is proceeded to undergo persistent torment by him. The Carver grows infuriated with Michaelis for not learning what he truly is based on his power, and begins to reveal that he is, in fact, the Hethe known as De'ebo. He brands Michaelis with a brand that will burn whenever one of the Hethe comes near. Before leaving again, Deebo warns him that the next time he sees Deebo, it wont be in his current form. Paranoid, Michaelis shoots Michael Knight in the face in an attempt to counteract this. However, upon learning what he did, he breaks down, and Deebo leaves.

The Battle of the Arknza

The Carver arrives at the Paradisium to face the six ArknAngels. He is accompanied by his army, the damned prisoners of the Infernous. Included among them is Ellpagg, now possessed and controlled by the spirit of Gilgamesh. While Ambriel weaponizes the Paradisium, Carver's army attacks and Raguel is slain, but not before wounding Carver. Azrael and Raziel attempt to converge on Carver, but are cut off by Ellpagg, who kills Raziel when he attempts to reason with him. Raziel's spirit is absorbed by Ellpagg, giving him the strength to break free of Gilgamesh and separate from him. While Ellpagg and Azrael are fighting Gilgamesh, The Carver fights Uriel and Raphael, who are defending Ambriel as she weaponizes the city. Gilgamesh is slain, and Azrael is mortally wounded in the process; Azrael tells Ellpagg that he is at peace and wants to die a hero, and offers up his power to him. Ellpagg accepts and kills Azrael, absorbing his Hethian-blooded power.

Uriel and Raphael manage to hold off Carver surprisingly well, until Clubs shows up with his own skeletal army, courtesy of reviving the dead data of the armies from .Reality. With an impossibly huge army, Clubs is able to fight off the two as The Carver exits, going after Ambriel. Raphael attacks Clubs and fights him, cutting off his arm; as he prepares to deal the fatal blow, Carver re-appears and stabs Raphael in the back at the last minute, seemingly killing him. Uriel shows up (having escaped Clubs's army), and he and Carver battle, while an assistant of Clubs shows up and heals his arm. Uriel fights Carver to the last breath, but The Carver ultimately defeats him. Before he dies, Uriel uses the last of his power to seal the gates of the city, protecting Ambriel as she finishes weaponizing it. Ambriel sacrifices herself into the city's core, awakening it with her own Hethian blood, and battles The Carver and both armies. Carver and Clubs retreat as their armies are attacked, but are chased by Ellpagg. As Ellpagg catches up, Carver turns on Clubs and kills him, absorbing him fully into his own power.

A fully-powered Ellpagg and the now fully-powered Carver battle, while Ambriel and the city destroy the army behind them. As the army is defeated, Ambriel's essence dies, having exhausted all of its power. The Paradisium's rings crash down into the ocean below, interrupting the fight with a massive tidal wave. As the ocean rises, Ellpagg and Carver take their fight air-born unto the tallest mountain in the Aethierium. As they battle and the last ring of the Paradisium falls, Carver uses a hidden Hethian power to summon forth a massive dragon-like beast. The beast fights Ellpagg and nearly kills him, until a massive, serpent-like creature (one of the guardians of the Paradisium) rises out of the sea. It fights the dragon beast as another Guardian, a Stag, shows up and heals Ellpagg. Confused and enraged, Carver goes to attack the Stag, but is interrupted when another guardian shows up: Gilgamesh's personal summons, a golden winged lion. It attacks Carver and fuses with Ellpagg, as the other Guardians follow suit. Now at Hethian level, Ellpagg strikes down Carver with a stab through his chest, but succumbs to the massive power outburst and dies.

The Carver's Legacy

Malek, Cedric and The Jester show up as The Carver is mortally wounded. As Carver appears to die, the sky splits open and De'ebo appears. Impressed at the fight, but annoyed by the Carver's death, De'ebo revives Carver at full power and commands him to kill the trio, promising him that will be granted the true power of the Hethe. De'ebo possesses Carver and fights the three. During this fight, Malek is able to connect with Carver's consciousness, and the plan is explained. Malek understands, and drops his weapon. As he does this, De'ebo-Carver stabs him in the chest, causing him to become pure energy and absorbing him into his weapon. Cedric and Jester tag team De'ebo and fight him off, but the fight is cut short when De'ebo stops it, splitting from Carver. De'ebo congratulates them on actually being able to fight him, and in return, asks Cedric is he wants to join him. Cedric agrees, under the condition that Ellpagg is revived, which he is.

As De'ebo grants the Hethian status to Carver, Redgrave shows up and summons the .Mainframe core. Carver, absorbing the Hethian power, uses this new influx to channel it into .Mainframe, powering up the Hethian Scrolls (much to De'ebo's dismay). As he does this, he exhausts all the remaining power he has, and is consumed by the flow, destroying himself in the process as .Mainframe is powered and unleashed. While this happens, Carver's former weapon is revealed to have been an Arkn Trap, with Malek possessing it to fake his own destruction; Malek emerges and merges with the .Mainframe core (and the Scrolls), unleashing his raw Hethian power of creation, which explodes into a new universe outside of their own. De'ebo attempts to destroy it, but fails, as he isn't the creator of the new universe, Carver is. With Carver's existence obliterated, the newly created universe is left godless and untouchable by the Hethe. This is revealed to have been The Carver's ultimate plan: to trick De'ebo into creating a new universe that the Hethe had no power over. With the help of Malek, he had archived the Scrolls, then went about creating the prophecy of the Arknza -- and the players to fulfill it -- with the intention of raising one of them up to be powerful enough to defeat him in battle, so that he would be resurrected with the power to create a new universe. This universe, Universe X, is the Carver's legacy.


I'll shove my 13 billion light year cock they call the Epsillian Quasar into the lineage you call the sun.
— The Carver


As the avatar of De'ebo, The Carver's power seems to be unmatched by almost any mortal being (such that even before he revealed his identity, a few Arkn and other beings strongly suspected his Hethian roots). His Hethian power is equal in strength to Raziel's (possibly even greater). While Raziel used his power to craft realms, the Carver transferred his into the ArknAngels (giving each their own measure of Hethian power).

The Carver possesses all of the usual powers of a Dekn. He is one of only two beings capable of absolute possession (the other being Malek). In addition, he seems to be able to use magick -- an ability normally reserved only for the Arkn. Notably, The Carver is one of the only known beings who can use Shading, a form of Chaos magick. In addition, he has the ability to inflict immense pain and suffering in others with a finger snap (possibly as a form of hand magick).

Appearance & Personality

Playing with masks of personality, the Carver can appear in an infinite variety of forms, depending on who sees him and what he wishes for them to behold -- or, in some cases, what they're capable of comprehending. (While in .Reality amongst humans, for example, he cannot appear in his Dekn form, and appears in the guise of his human vessel, Luke Anton.)

The Carver's personality appears to change accordingly, with his mood varying based on the vessel he's using (as well as who he's dealing with). In Cedric's logs, Cedric describes The Carver as a malicious, but stalking entity; staying away from the action and choosing to watch from the sidelines and smile, only rarely jumping in to attack directly, it appears in a purely unsettling way to Cedric. By contrast, during Knight's encounter, The Carver is a much more flamboyant creature, taking on the form of a former friend, Ed. Laughing, joking, and using quips, Knight has a totally different experience with Carver (to the point of the Carver even being friendly towards him).