The Elevrium is the home world for the Dekn race within Universe X. It is one of the two largest sub-realms in the Lathrym (the other being the Empyrium).


The world itself is categorized into four regions: Scintilaria, Galliptis, Syrith, and Vinlar. The regions vary in size and all spread to the edge of the sub-realm before dropping off into the Silulis. Each region houses its own geographical additions, down to the creatures that live in it. Each region is ruled by the Dekn Neo-Emperor, from his home in the capital of Taveril'domaine.


The skeleton of an ancient super volcano that had since hollowed out, leaving a well-spring and thousands of inactive and malformed ethric crystals behind. In this massive cavern, multiple Dekn communities thrive, including the Crystal City, the Scintilarium. Various plant-like organisms exist here, illuminating the caverns and thriving off of the remaining ethric energy.


An expansive desert comprised of grey metallic rock and sand. Here, many other Dekn communities thrive, as well as the human/Dekn stronghold, Laen. Laen is one of the few Dekn strongholds to thrive with both Dekn and humans, because of this, it acts as a huge technology-based city structured around cyber advances.


A frozen over wasteland of black ice. Snow storms in this region are next to blinding, and in some places, frozen ethric fluid causes sinkholes into dark caves, full of deadly creatures known as Shivurs. Between Syrith and Vinlar, there exists a sort of endlessly repeating waterfall where ice is constantly being made and melted; these are knkown as the Falls of Vinrith.


A region of heat and fire. This region exists due to a massive failure in an attempt to create alternate power sources for the Dekn. The area is sucking in the heat energy from the surrounding region, Syrith, causing it to be the fiery wasteland that it has become. Travel is almost impossible in the region without the right equipment.

Dekn Rule

Dekn Rule in the Elevrium is built up around a hierarchy. This hierarchy serves in a court under rule of the Emperor. The current Dekn Emperor is Xerinos, first son of Jacques.

  • Dekn Barons/Baronesses: rule over individual towns, like a Mayor.
  • Dekn Counts/Countesses: rule over the larger towns, and minor cities.
  • Dekn Lords/Ladies: rule over the cities and moderate the other rulers in the court.
  • Dekn Masters/Mistresses: Have place in the court but do not rule over land, instead, most have their own castles or towers.
  • Dekn Emperor/Empress: The Emperor rules over all regions and is the final word in decisions by the lower ranks. They serve until overthrown or death, in which case the duel winner crowned, or the next available Master/Mistress is crowned. Only Masters and Mistresses are allowed duels with the Emperor.

Cities and Towns




  • Laen: City. Hold Status.
  • Troumark: City. Library + Market + Post Office.
  • Loosek: Village. Mines + Blacksmith.
  • Anget: City. Library + Tanner + Theatre.
  • Oasis Underguard: Town. Jeweler + Marketplace + Farm + Stonemason.
  • Qavad: Village. Bookstore + Grocery store.
  • Vas: Village. Jeweler + Mine. Located in Galliptis.
  • Samael’evri: Town. Stonemason + Tanner + Farm + Marketplace. Located in Galliptis.
  • Enoby: City. Stonemason + Jeweler + Tanner. Located in Galliptis.


  • Pickno: Village. Post Office + Tanner.
  • Scors: Village. Stonemason + Mine.


  • Shivurs: Beetle-like creatures from Syrith that live in the underground caves and feed off of those unlucky enough to fall in. They bury themselves in their victim's back and then force their legs and pincers through the torso, allowing it to use the body like clothing, as the back remains exposed allowing them flight still.
  • Caulbats: Large moth-like animals that fly around Vinlar. They aren't naturally vicious, but when angered they will explode violently and use their bones as shrapnel. From their corpse, a new Caultbat will rise, like a phoenix.
  • Duubs: Fat cow-like creatures that live in Galliptis. Their faces are similar to humans but in an uncanny way, where the eyes and nose and mouth do not seem to be in there natural spots or be there natural shapes. They can be harvested for their hide, or their milk.
  • Sloamin: Creatures similar to hairless dogs but with flat faces and no snout. They are common in Gallipstis and hunted for their meat. They are carnivorous and cannibalistic to their own race.
  • Jurgensyn: A large snake-like anteater/horse-looking hybrid that Dekn are capable of taming and riding at speeds that max out at 79 mph. They feed off of the various fauna found in Galliptis and are typical very docile. If threatened, spikes will emerge from their backs, which can be shot out like deadly bullets at their attacker.
  • Erucs: Frog-like creatures made of a stone-like material. The bigger ones are more solid while the smaller frogs are more gravel-like in makeup. They feed off of rocks as their biology only requires their stomachs to be full, rather than nourishment being required. They make loud honking noises when threatened and live mainly in Vinlar.
  • Sivols: Worm-like creatures that snake their way around the Scintilaria region and feed off of the fauna within the cave system. They are typically docile but can be angered and will attack by spitting a very noxious poison at the attacker.
  • Gaspools: Round creatures that suck in super heated air, then blow out a very toxic gas that can ignite. They look like round rocks with holes, but are actually very soft and very aware of their surroundings despite not having any features besides the openings in their body. The reside solely in Vinlar.