The Silence Canon, created by Vinyl Asylum, is a classification of stories relating to The Essence, the Silence, the Cult of the Live Undead, and the Assassin.


-The Essence

When the Hethe created existence, the intense force released from the powers of time and space being unleashed rippled outward. Throughout these ripples of the energy of creation, some beings found ways to communicate with other beings. They would tap into this energy, which became known as the Essence, and connect spiritually and mentally with each other, gaining access into each other's thoughts, feelings, even physical senses. One using this system would be unable to gain access into the other unless the other permitted this intrusion. However, over time this essence became forgotten and unused. Still today, however, there are some very few beings who are aware of this force and its tremendous power and still use it.

-The Silence

The Silence is a being

List of Works Within Canon

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