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The Traveler's Call

The Traveler's Call is a multidimensional phenomena, if used properly it serves a number of functions.  


The Traveler's call primarily manifests itself as three circles taking the shape of an upright perfect triangle. It is normally seen either drawn with chalk or marker, or carved into a surface.


The function of the Traveler's Call varies widely depending on who is using it and their intended motives on usage.

The Traveler's Call itself acts like a gateway, a bridge not just between space, but if used by a master, and only a master, a bridge between realities. The Travel's call is often used with a accompanying hand motion. Users will frequently be seen hitting the symbol itself three times, however this is not necessary to use it but instead a psychological trigger as the Traveler's Call is triggered instead by the emotion of the person using it. The Call is triggered by a deep sense of desperation in the user, examples being a sense of urgency, a physical need to escape, or even a psychological need to escape from your life can help you to trigger it.


When a new user begins learning how to properly direct the Traveler's Call, often they will use it incorrectly. When used without complete understanding of it's inner workings, the Traveler's Call will inflict extreme side effects on the user. Sides effects vary from nervous system failure and heart attacks, to internal organ liquefaction if used incorrectly. If one is able to survive usage of the Traveler's Call multiple times, they can eventually learn to master and survive usage.

The Call itself has a similar effect on cameras. When someone successfully traveling with the Call is captured on film, the camera will often distort, causing the repetition of three glitching frames, discoloration, and if used frequently enough can permanently damage cameras beyond repair.

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