There Are No Lights
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Seasons 1
Episodes 20
Written By Kekstein
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Directed By Kekstein
Canon The Reality Canon
Crossovers None

There Are No Lights, also known as TANL, is a vlog written by Kekstein.


Based in The Reality Branch, There Are No Lights follows an unnamed protagonist as he tries to document the unexplained paranormal phenomena that's been happening around his house and inside the woods. Throughout the videos it is seen that the protagonist is being stalked by an ominous man in a hood, dubbed by the protagonist as "The Bandage Man". After several videos showing this mysterious man and his strange behavior, our protagonist begins having encounters with an otherworldly being. This being is seen as having glowing red eyes and having the ability to fly. The character continues to post videos of his encounters as he tries to get to discover the truth of what is going on.


  • Unnamed Protagonist
  • The Bandage Man
  • The Mothman



  • This is the first arkn mythos web series ever created.
  • They originally crossed over with an older iteration of The Riddle of the Tree Man.
  • Not a single word is spoken by any of the characters in this series.