An example of a Timeline as shown in ABOVETHESYSTEM.

Timelines are the separate .Reality strands in which an alternate reality lies.

List of Stories that take place within Timelines:

Timeline A (Closed)

Timeline B

Timeline C

Timeline D

  • N/A

Timeline E

  • N/A

Timeline G

Timeline H

  • Due to events prior to VoiceOfLegion, Timeline H-3 has been 99% obliterate, and renamed by it's current residents as 'The Null Zone'.

Timeline I

  • N/A

Timeline J

  • N/A

Timeline K

  • N/A

Timeline L

  • N/A

Timeline M

  • N/A

Timeline N

  • N/A

Timeline O

  • N/A

Timeline P

  • N/A

Timeline Q

  • N/A

Timeline R

  • N/A

Timeline S

  • N/A

Timeline T

Timeline U

Due to the events of The Heart's Nothing, this Timeline has been destroyed.

Timeline V

  • N/A

Timeline W

  • N/A

Timeline X (Closed)

Timeline Y

Timeline Z


This is a list for works who take place outside of .Reality.

Unknown Timeline

This is a list of works whose timeline hasn't been defined.

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