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Uriel, or Ur'iel, is an ArknAngel and the Second King of the Arkn. He was responsible for the creation of Alex Winter (who represents himself in human form), with whom he eventually merged.

He is the main protagonist of A Cry From Winter, and a supporting character in Michael's Camera, MedBoy789, and Book of the Mother.



Early Years

Uriel is the son of the Arkn King Gilgamesh, formed in the Infernous after Gilgamesh had been killed by The Carver. Due to a quirk of his Hethian blood, he absorbed a great amount of energy from the Infernous (which included the life essence of his own father) at his conception. The Carver deposited the newly-formed infant on the steps of the Elysia palace, where he was taken in and raised by the famed Arkn warrior and leader Lazarus Del'Phar.

As a boy, Uriel quickly showed promise as a warrior. However, he was also highly idealistic, wanting to help others (humans included) rather than destroy them. When Uriel questioned why the Valkyrium were so cruel in their dealings with others, Del'Phar informed him that "sometimes, a bad guy is necessary". This would prove a lesson that would remain with Uriel into adulthood.

Uriel was a highly curious child. On one occasion, he transported into a glitched .reality, where he met Edgar Kharon's crew. After the crew noticed his winged shadow, Uriel revealed himself as an Arkn, causing the .reality to glitch and tear. A Lurker appeared, and Uriel helped Kharon fight the beast with his flaming sword. When the sword shattered, Kharon tossed Uriel his personal revolver; though the weapon was out of bullets, it flashed blue and pulsed with a strange energy when Uriel made contact with it, magickally firing another clip and killing the beast.

Del'Phar appeared and escorted Uriel home (after resetting the timeline), He scolded Uriel for his carelessness. However, Uriel had developed a fascination with the Human Old West, and returned to the timeline frequently to spend time in the company of the Fearful Four, even assisting them in their heists. At some point, Edgar gifted Uriel with his copper revolver, which became one of his Uriel's most prized possessions.

The Second King of the Arkn

Uriel took the throne as a young adult, becoming the second King of the Arkn and the commander of the Golden Army.

After realizing that he had a connection to The Infernous, Uriel returned to the entrance and attempted to re-enter the realm. He was instantly repelled, as the energy he'd carried within him since birth was activated; this energy combined with the power of The Infernous, which formed a living infant. Uncertain of how he did it, Uriel took this child as his son and named him Ellpagg, unaware that The Carver had had a hand in his creation. Some time later, Uriel repeated the process that created Ellpagg; this time, he created an infant girl, whom he named Seraphina. Seraphina was discovered by the defected Dekn Lilis, who adopted her and raised her under the watchful eyes of the Valkyrium.

The Fall of King Uriel

At some point during Uriel's reign, the Arkn Lords gathered together and plotted to kill the Carver in his own realm. Expecting to use Uriel, they were instantly declined when Uriel told them that he was not about to slay a brother, moral or immoral. Unable to depend on Uriel, the Arkn Lords found the next best option: Ellpagg, the Arkn Knight of Time, Madness, and strangely, Beetles. Ellpagg proved to have quite the fire in him, already being a soldier of Uriel and an underling to Raphael. Unaware of the non-choice selection, Ellpagg believed that he was volunteering for the task of convincing The Carver to come out and reform, when in actuality, he was selected already by the Arkn Lords who were betraying him. As a parting gift, Uriel gifted Ellpagg with the revolver that had been given to him as a child.

After Ellpagg had already been sent down to the Infernous and had his memories stripped, Uriel belatedly went to say farewell to his son, and accidentally overheard the Arkn Lords discussing their plans for Ellpagg. Outraged, Uriel beheaded the Arkn Lord Xan'dri'el in a fit of sudden fury. He was arrested and locked away in prison, where his wings were crushed and broken, rendering them useless for flight. Uriel escaped, however, and threw himself into one of the central .Reality cores, killing his body and duplicating him in human form throughout the timelines of the system.


After his death, Uriel willingly resides in The Infernous as a form of self-punishment for his abandonment and betrayal of The Arkn. In The Infernous, he reenacts events in the lives of the various incarnations of Alex Winter (his human counterpart in .Reality). Throughout his time there, an enigmatic friend of his, Malek, persistently tries to talk him out of it, but to no avail.

Eventually, Uriel addresses the audience of the Cloud9 feed watching his torment, revealing that he has been in control of his imprisonment the entire time, and had been feigning amnesia and helplessness for much of his imprisonment, showing the audience what he wanted them to see. (Unbeknownst to anyone, Uriel had done so by secretly making a deal with The Carver to gain control over the Infernous.) Uriel then nervously makes his escape from the Infernous and enters .Reality. He meets with Alex Winter "Prime" (his true counterpart) for the first time, and the two of them begin on the path towards convergence.

Because Uriel is weakened by his time in the Infernous, he and Alex must carry out their convergence in the Nexillium (which now exists as a plane of almost pure energy). The event is apparently very traumatic, leaving the newly merged Uriel Alexander Winter with total amnesia.

The Battle of the Arknza



In his Arkn form, Uriel was said to be tall, with flowing black hair and a well-trimmed beard. Like his father Gilgamesh, he was more heavyset than muscular. According to Raziel, he had a very beautiful appearance. When in the Golden Cities, Uriel often presents a casual appearance. However, he dresses a shimmering suit of golden armor (complete with a golden cape) for special occasions. When he travels, he prefer to dress like a gunslinger in a duster and cowboy hat.

As Alex Winter, Uriel resembles an average, heavyset young man with dark hair and eyes. Uriel apparently retains Alex's physical appearance after the two of them converge.


  • Uriel apparently hid (or downplayed) his connection to Ellpagg, as a number of Arkn (including Azrael, who witnessed most Arkn history) don't seem to know that Ellpagg was his son. This may have been accomplished by having Ellpagg raised mostly by Del'Phar, and treating the Knight as "a good friend" in mixed company.


What does one that left the very people that he so passionately promised to fight for, to avenge and to protect... And then, I just took that and left, just like that. How could I ask to be anywhere else but a place that serves punishment and torment?
— Uriel to Malek.
I hope they have insurance.
— Uriel to himself.