I'm back, bitches.

Uriel is an ArknAngel, and a main protagonist of A Cry From Winter.



Uriel was an Arkn Lord that was the commander in The Golden Army and was good friends with an Arkn Knight named Ellpagg. The Arkn Lords gathered together and plotted to kill the Carver in his own realm. Expecting to use Uriel, they were instantly declined when he told them that he was not about to slay a brother, moral or immoral. Unable to depend on Uriel, they find the next best Arkn, the Arkn Knight of Time, Madness, and strangely, Beetles; Ellpagg. Ellpagg proves to have quite the fire in him, already being a good friend of Uriel the ArknAngel, and an underling to Raphael, who looked out for him on several occasions. Unaware of the non-choice selection, Ellpagg believed he volunteered for the task of convincing the Carver to come out, when in actuality, he was selected already by the Arkn Lords who were betraying him. After sending him down to the Infernous, and having his memories stripped, The Lords were interrupted by Uriel who had come to say farewell to Ellpagg but mistakenly overheard their plan. Outraged, in a fit of sudden fury, Uriel ends up beheading the Arkn Lord Xan'dri'el and is, in turn, locked away in prison. Shortly after this, Uriel escapes and throws himself into one of the central .reality cores, trapping his soul inside of a human body.


After fusing with a human body, Uriel willingly resides in the Infernous as a form of self-punishment for his abandonment of The Arkn. In the Infernous, he reenacts the events of a certain Alex Winter, the human body that he had fused with. Throughout his time there, an enigmatic friend of his, Malek, persistently tries to talk him out of it, but to no avail.


What does one that left the very people that he so passionately promised to fight for, to avenge and to protect... And then, I just took that and left, just like that. How could I ask to be anywhere else but a place that serves punishment and torment?
— Uriel to Malek.
I hope they have insurance.
— Uriel to himself.


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