Vvieris Koor is one of the Valkyriums sent after Azrael the Arknangel. Origin wise, Vvieris is registered as a former Arkn Lord, specifically that of Vengeance and Steel. While raised to be the best blacksmith the Arkn had to offer, Vvieris specialized mainly in the art of war as an assassin. This led him to his meeting with Valkyrius Thorm, where Vvieris was inducted as the first official member.


Vvieris sports unique attire and weaponry, as he crafted all of it specifically for himself. Vvieris dawns armor created from the shattered mirrors of the Nexian Wars is used in a way to almost blind the opponent when in direct sunlight. Alongside his armor, Vvieris wields a large shotgun, formed from a combination of Arkn bones and melted down black gold. The design came from Vvieris' encounter with a human on one of his missions, who proceeded in futile attempt to shoot Koor. After killing the human, through either sympathy or respect, Vvieris took his weapon and modified it.


Vvieris is stuck between the fine line of mad and sane. While acting respectful off the battlefield, on job Vvieris becomes somewhat animalistic, not stopping his predatory hunt until his target is long dead.