Xerex Storn is the third Storn. He is the Arkn/Dekn Lord of Death, Damnation, and Lust. He appears as a supporting character in Michael's Camera and Solar's Crimson.



Xerex was the third Storn that came into existence, and was the child of The Carver and Kry'toha. Like his siblings Eris and Barith, he was prohibited from entering The Infernous to prevent him from trying to take over. The Carver informed Xerex that he would one day attack him, and that Xerex would need to find a fit vessel before doing so.

Xerex is known to the Arkn and Dekn as their own Grim Reaper, and is possibly the only being to understand the afterlife, reaping the souls of the recently deceased and "feeding" on their energy. He also tended to masquerade as various demons in human lore, intentionally trying to create as much fear as possible.

In time, Xerex attached himself to Michaelis Winter in order to awaken his ArknAngel powers. He began taking over Michaelis's body periodically. Finally, after Michaelis's timeline underwent its apocalypse, Xerex replaced Michaelis's guardian, Ellpagg and squeezed the life out of Michaelis's heart, attempting steal his vessel for his own purposes. However, Michaelis's embedded data was still present in his body, and was able to fight back and overcome Xerex. The two became bound to the same vessel. In time, Michaelis began using Xerex's powers to enter The Infernous and free those who have overstayed their torment (with Xerex remaining outside, remotely connected to his vessel). Doing so was extremely difficult, and Xerex wasn't pleased at letting another being using his powers to enter a realm he'd been banned from.

Handprints of The Dead

The Frog God is affiliated with the Emissary of the Frog God, established by Comshine Governor (and Dekn Lord) Leeroy Maskwell.

Michael's Camera

Michaelis, now Azrael the ArknAngel, explains his connection to Xerex to Michael's audience after taking over his channel (due to Michael becoming a vessel for The Carver).

After Azrael discovers that Tobias and Ambriel have become trapped in the Infernous and are in need of rescuing, he fears he will be unable to do so, explaining that Xerex is "throwing a hissy fit" inside him. Azrael summons Xerex in a mirror, and agrees to break their bond and let him go free of their vessel, under the condition that Xerex grants him the use of his powers one last time. Xerex agrees to the deal.

Once Azrael gets out of the Infernous, he somehow (through means unknown) convinces Xerex to once again join with him.

Solar's Crimson

After inadvertently becoming trapped in Humanity's Infernous, Azrael calls on Xerex to try to figure out where he is. Xerex appears in the bathroom mirror, causing Azrael to vomit a disgusting black fluid. He is flippant and infuriating, giving Azrael deliberately vague answers and rolling his eyes at him.

Appearance & Personality

Xerex appears as a dark-haired, red-eyed man (bearing a great resemblance to Michaelis), clad in dark sweatpants and a dark hooded vest (similar to a Grim Reaper's hooded cloak). As the Arkn-Dekn Lord representing Lust, he occasionally appears shirtless and wears a black bondage harness.

Xerex has a cocky, arrogant personality, acting as a dark or malicious trickster. He studies human lore about demons so that he can successful masquerade as one, refuses to speak out loud (conversing telepathically or through his vessels), and generally tries to be as annoying and un-helpful as possible. He's also highly opportunistic, refusing to do a favor for anyone unless there's something in it for him; he uses his station as "reaper" of the dead to feed on the life energy of the deceased, and only allows Michaelis the use of his powers when he feels like it.