Xerex Storn is the Arkn/Dekn Lord of Death, Damnation, and Lust.



Xerex was the third Storn that came into existence, and was the child of The Carver and Kry'toha. The Carver informed Xerex that he would one day attack Xerex, and that he would need to find a fit vessel before doing so.

Xerex is known to the Arkn and Dekn as their own Grim Reaper, and is possibly the only being to understand the afterlife, entering The Infernous and reaping the souls of those who have overstayed their torment.

Handprints of The Dead

The Frog God is affiliated with the Emisary of the Frog God, established by Comshine Governor (and Dekn Lord) Leeory Maskwell

Solar's Crimson

Xerex has shown up in his own red coloration but not yet made himself known by name.

Michael's Camera

In time, Xerex is said to be merged with Michaelis Winter in order to awaken his ArknAngel powers.


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